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Youth in Congregations

By Ted Resnikoff



Congregational Youth Ministry can take many forms, of which Youth Group is just one choice. The resources below will help you think about your youth programming, as well as how you serve and involve youth throughout the congregation.


Youth in Congregations

Youth as Members Can youth be signed, voting members of your congregation? This resource shares why you might want to consider it and addresses commonly asked questions. Multiple Pathways This blog post examines the multiple ways youth can be involved in congregations beyond youth group. Youth on Boards and Committees This blog post shares considerations for including youth on congregational boards and committees.  

Multiple Models of Youth Ministry

Ways to Do Youth Ministry This resource leads you through a variety of ways to “do” youth ministry, whether you have 2 youth or 40. From small group ministry and curricula through large youth group gatherings and congregational involvement, several options are explored. Starting a Youth Group Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for a “reboot,” there is no one-size-fits-all youth group model. This  

Youth Programming

Web of Youth Ministry Six Pillars of Balanced Youth Programming ( Be the Change! Youth Multiculturalism and Anti-Racism Project Six 90-minute sessions, plus additional optional activities and resources to discuss the role of race, identity and justice in living out our faith. Tapestry of Faith Youth Curricula  A variety of free, downloadable curricula for use with high-school age youth. Topics include ethics, interfaith cooperation, Bridging Support youth in the transition from youth into young adulthood.   It includes our Top 10 Tips for Supporting Newly Bridged Young Adults and the Bridge Connections Program. Service and Social Justice Our landing page for service and social justice resources. From blog posts on elements to consider when planning trips to links to partner groups, this is your go-to website.  

Even more resources

Our Get Started and Build and Sustain pages include the above resources and more, around fundraising, sample congregational projects, and more.