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Use Social Media to Reach, Teach and Minister

By Ted Resnikoff

Teaching with the Tools.

          The Church of the Larger Fellowship offers 21st Century Ministry: Using Social Media to Reach, Teach and Minister, a monthly distance learning course from October 2013 through May 2014 on using Social Media to conduct ministry. Curriculum begins October 1, 2013. Meeting time is 1:00 – 3:00 pm (Eastern Time). The course is divided into two learning formats: Large group learning (1-­3 PM, ET, First Tuesdays, Oct 2013-­ May 2014), and Small group practicum (1-­3 PM, ET, Third Tuesdays Oct 2013-­ May 2014) Registration fee:  $800* (Payment plan° available with $200 deposit) Participants will need access to good Internet service, a computer/tablet with mic and webcam, and video camera (even a good smart phone will work).

Core faculty:

Rev. Joanna Crawford, Worship Coordinator, CLF

Rev. Linda Berez, Minister of Technology, CLF

Rev. Meg Riley, Senior Minister, CLF

With many special guests dropping in!

Topics Covered:

Getting started / Staffing for success / Social media: Facebook and Beyond / Using Analytics / Video for outreach / Video worship / Online classes and small groups / Pastoral Care / Ethical Concerns / Developing a Plan of Action



* REGISTRATION NOTES:    The registration fee is per computer, meaning that you can gather as many people around the computer screen as you want for the one $800 fee.  We actually hope that congregations will have a group attending since we hope that those groups will be working together on real projects for your congregation during the class.  So, if you have a large screen TV that  would allow 5-6 people to watch and listen, go for it.  We just need to limit the number of computers participating in the video conference.

° PAYMENT PLAN: You may  register with a payment of $200 and then pay the balance before the 2nd class on October 15th.  If it’s easier to make smaller payments up to October 15th that works, too.