The Big Picture of Youth Ministry
The Big Picture of Youth Ministry

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There's a pretty cool presentation you should check out - it's The Big Picture of Unitarian Universalist Youth Ministry. Explore local congregations, service and social justice, leadership, rites of passage and more through this interactive visual tour, created through the free online software Prezi. Follow the steps of the tour by clicking next, or just zoom in an poke around to learn more: Click here to get the big picture. 

  Designed by the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office of the Unitarian Universalist Association, this presentation helps youth and adults alike understand the amazing opportunities that exist today in youth ministry across our denomination. Though many UU's will know about a few of these elements, like Coming of Age or General Assembly Youth Caucus, the presentation offers an easy way for UU's of all ages to learn how all these pieces interact to create the world of youth ministry we know today. The presentation includes videos, pictures, books, links and more ways to connect and grow with youth ministry in our congregations and faith communities. If you've heard of about the interfaith trends in 21st Century Faith Formation, you might recognize that this presentation is organized like a "curated resource network." Basically, this affirms that part of the church's role in the era of online connections and social media is to point our faith families in the right direction – towards great stuff they can use in their own lives in a thousand new ways. And please, Like, Share, Embed and Forward this presentation! Let's get it in as many hands as possible. The Big Picture is a work in progress, reflecting the evolution of youth ministry as it happens! Got something you think should be included? Tell us in the comment section underneath the Prezi window, share in the comment section below this post, or email us at youth [at] uua [dot] org">youth [at] uua [dot] org.  

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  • Carey McDonald is the UUA's Executive Vice President. He's a lifelong UU who has worked in nonprofit, government, political and progressive organizations.

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