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Millennials at the helm?
Millennials at the helm?

There are plenty of Unitarian Universalists who belong to the Millennial Generation (like me), and many of us have great ideas about how to breathe new life into our faith. So how can we support Millennials and the innovations we imagine, how can we move towards a culture of "yes" in our congregations and faith communities?

This discussion on June 5, 2013, was joined by young adult UU's from across the country. Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment section below!

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  • Carey McDonald is the UUA's Executive Vice President. He's a lifelong UU who has worked in nonprofit, government, political and progressive organizations.

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Sara Cloe (not verified) 5 years 4 months ago

Interesting discussion. It kept cutting out and that is unfortunate. I was struck by the comments about how congregations want new leaders, but then insist that everything be done they they did it in the past. I have seen this 'ownership stake' turn off new leaders and not just milennials, but older newcomers as well.

The Food is Lov... (not verified) 5 years 4 months ago

[...] Hangouts, of young adult UUs about engaging Millennials in UU church culture and governance. (The discussion is available here at Blueboat.) The general feel of it is that there are plenty of young adults (for those of you who are not [...]

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