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Support YaYA Faithify Projects

By Ted Resnikoff



An Innovative Way to Support Effective Ministry – a crowd funding website for Unitarian Universalist ministries launched at General Assembly 2014 in Providence, RI. To date the 24 projects launched for funding have raised more than $43,000 in pledges. Each project has between 15–60 days to reach its goal, after which it goes off the site. Crowd funding works – as an example the The (Next) Lucy Stone Cooperative rapidly achieved 107% of its funding goal from 58 funders, and with 34 days left to go on Faithify has now set a new goal of 100 funders for their project (pledges of as little as $5 can be accepted).

The Follow–Share–Fund feature on Faithify allows people to do more than pledge – they can show, share and enlist support for growing successful UU ministries.

Look over this selection of 6 Faithy projects for youth or 10 Faithify projects for young adult ministry, including Faith Architects project aimed toward Bridging Youth and support as you can.