Existence of a Higher Power in Unitarian Universalism

Steam rises from a placid lake while the sunrise lights the sky.

What Do We Believe about God?

Unitarian Universalists have many ways of naming what is sacred. Some believe in a God; some don’t believe in a God. Some believe in a sacred force at work in the world, and call it “love,” “mystery,” “source of all” or “spirit of life.” We are thousands of individuals of all ages, each influenced by our cultures and life experiences to understand “the ground of our being” in our own way. Unitarian Universalists are agnostic, theist, atheist, and everything in between.

We join together not because we have a shared concept of the divine. Rather we gather knowing that life is richer in community than when we go it alone. We gather to know and be known, to comfort and be comforted, to celebrate the mystery that binds us, each to all.

We welcome you in the fullness of your beliefs. Join us in exploring life’s deepest questions in a spiritually diverse, supportive, and challenging community. We are excited to meet you where you are, and see how we can all learn and grow together.


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Sunlight shines through multicolored rectangular windows casting colorful shadows on the floor.

"One light through many windows:" we each understand the sacred based on our life experience, culture, personality, and more.

A young UU woman in a headscarf smiles.

People of many backgrounds and beliefs worship together in Unitarian Universalism.

The six sources of our spirituality and our understandings of the sacred.

Kids react with joy and surprise during a UU religious education class.

The shadow of two people holding hands is cast along an outdoor path.

We find the sacred in our connections with others.