Social Media Policy for Adult Volunteers

Adults will seek parent/guardian permission before communicating with youth and include an opportunity for the parent/guardian to limit interaction. Parents have the right to be copied on any communication they request. If they request to be added to group conversations, their role is only to witness and share any relevant logistic information pertaining to their youth. They are encouraged to share any concerns about the group business with adult leaders or regional staff rather than participating in conversation. Parents and UUA staff have the right to ask to view any communication between adult volunteers and youth.

When communicating electronically with youth, adults must include a second adult on the message or communication. If a youth contacts an adult one on one, the adult has the responsibility to redirect the conversation to add a second adult to the communication and/or redirect the conversation to the appropriate platform.

  • If it is necessary to have a virtual one-on-one interaction between a youth/adult, the adult will:

    • Let other people know (staff and/or parent guardian) you will be communicating, around what time, and what about.

    • Make sure there is a record of the conversation, including recording phone calls. Documentation should be archived for no less than 12 years.

Adult volunteers and staff are expected to stay in “adult role” on any social media platform in which their posts are visible to youth. This means posts are appropriate for youth to view and are not sexualized, discriminatory, harassing, or otherwise contrary to the rules and philosophy of this policy and UU values.