Articulating (Y)our Faith

Overview: An awesome involving activity that helps people to answer those tough questions about Unitarian Universalism (UU). Gets people to open up and lets everyone learn about each other. Not to mention it's a lot of fun!

Theme or Background: The theme is explaining your UU faith and heritage. Based loosely on the improv game "Freeze".

Materials involved: 2 chairs. That's it!

Details: This activity takes no preparation other than to put two chairs in the center of the room facing each other.

The activity follows the few rules of "Freeze." Where two people are acting out a scene and at anytime, someone in the audience can yell out "Freeze!" and go and take the place of one of the two people.

The differences are: One of the chairs plays the part of the Unitarian Universalist, and the other is the non-Unitarian asking questions about UUism. The questioner asks any questions that come into their mind about Unitarian Universalism or being a UU. These questions could be: questions they themselves aren't sure about, or questions that other people have asked them at some point or another, or anything at all; sometimes difficult, sometimes funny. The other person has to attempt to answer these questions.

If someone in the audience feels they have a different answer or have a question to ask, they yell out "Freeze!" and tap one of the people in the chairs to take their place. The conversation picks up where it left off.

This is a good ice-breaking activity, or one that helps people to learn about Unitarian Universalism if they are new to it. It also helps long-time UUs articulate their faith, and learn about other peoples' conceptions of UUism. Plus, it's fun.