Commissioning of RE Teachers

Minister: The cultural and ethnical diversity in our region shapes our mission of providing religious education that is meaningful and relevant to our members and community. Our faith is a living one, co-created by the promises we make and keep. It is enlivened when we lift up all of the voices, experiences, cultures, and understandings of all of our members as we shape our faith together, ever mindful of its global nature.

DLRE: With enthusiasm and gratitude for our teachers that are leading this work, I invite the congregation to read the following charge in the language of your choice:

Congregation: We love and respect our teachers who are charged with leading and co-leading us in this living tradition of learners. We are grateful for your service and the beautiful labor of shaping the faith of our children, families, and members.
In the spirit of inclusion, we charge you with creating spaces for learning that recognize our faith is both global and intercultural; communal and personal.
Will you engage with these questions personally and lead with an intercultural lens? Will you ask for community support when needed, and allow yourself to be transformed as you engage in this work?

DLRE: If so, please say we do in the language of your choosing.

Minister: Children and youth, do you promise to bring your wonder, your curiosity, your cares, worries, vision, and your joys to this new religious education year? Do you promise to engage lovingly with each other and your teachers as you begin a new year of learning? Will you engage in this work knowing that your teachers are representatives of this great congregation before you and that everyone here is invested in your growth? If you agree to all of this, please say, “We do.”