Marginal Wisdom
Marginal Wisdom

Reader 1:  They teach us to read in black and white.

Reader 2:  Truth is this—the rest is false.

Reader 3:  You are whole—or broken.

Reader 2:  Who you love is acceptable—or not.

Reader 1:  My life tells its truth in many hues.

Reader 2:  We are taught to think in "either/or"s

Reader 1:  I believe the teachings of Jesus—OR Buddha.

Reader 3:  I  believe in human potential—OR a power beyond a single, human will.

Reader 1:  I am broken or I am powerful.

Reader 2:  My life embraces multiple truths, speaks of "both," of “and."

Reader 3:  They teach us to see in absolutes:

Reader 2:  Good versus evil.

Reader 1:  Male versus female,

Reader 3:  Old  versus young.

Reader 3:  My vision sees the fractions, the spectrum, the margins?

Reader 2:  Let us open our hearts to the complexity of our worlds.

Reader 1:  Let us make our own lives a sanctuary, to nurture our many identities.

Reader 2:  The day is coming when they will know:

Reader 1:  That the rainbow world is more gorgeous than monochrome;

Reader 3:  That a river of identities can ebb and flow over the static, stubborn rocks in its course;

Reader 2:  That the margins hold the center.

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  • Rev. Leslie Takahashi serves as the lead minister at the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek, CA and as the chair of the Commission on Institutional Change. She is the co-author of The Arc of the Universe is Long, which looks at anti-racism efforts in the UUA, and contributes to...

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