A Prayer on a Child’s Vaccination Day

For this moment that we’ve waited for;
For getting through this together;
For each child who holds out an arm and says, “I’m ready.”

A child, wearing a mask and sitting on their parent's lap, is given a vaccine by a health care provider in mask and gloves.

For the caregivers who sustain us;
For the scientists who made this day possible;
For the teachers who will breathe easier.

For the frontline workers who keep things running;
For the doctors and nurses who work through exhaustion;
For our elders, the keepers of knowledge.

For the makers of masks;
For the bakers of bread;
For the words that soothed when hugs weren’t possible.

For finding new ways;
For making it through;
For those who didn’t make it through.

For all that we’ve learned;
For all that we’ve lost;
For the healing we need.

For the tears of relief;
For the fears we still hold;
For the journey ahead.

For the future.
For hope.
For each other.