O Maker of Order

"Peace be upon you," the traditional greeting of one Muslim to another, in Arabic and English

O Maker of Order and Shaper of Beauty, we are grateful for the world in which we live. Instill in us that sense of awe, that we may walk with humble hearts, open to the beauty of all that surrounds us.

O Source of Peace and Inspirer of Faith, in these troubled times was ask for internal strength and perseverance. Help us to know that we must never lose hope. Help us to act in the world in ways that continue to lift up those who have fallen, to bind up the broken, and to uphold the dignity of the oppressed.

O Giver of Life, we hold in our hearts all who are harmed by continuing war in the Middle East. Help us all to keep our hearts open to all who suffer while we work for peace and understanding here at home.

O Forgiver and Hider of Faults, accept us as we are. Help us to know that in the face of all that we fear, that we are enough. We can love, and we can be loved. Just as we are.

O Patient One, grant us peace in our minds, peace in our bodies, peace in our church, and peace in our world.

Note: this prayer uses some of the 99 Names of Allah