I Give You the Last Word, O God

a view up from the floor of a cathedral to the ceiling, with stained glass windows on all sides

Calling to Unburden
Our play is marked by merriment, but beneath that looms the Other: our worry; our sorrow; our shame, our guilt, our grief. Let us surrender all that to the One who loves us beyond measure, the One who heals us, the One who makes us whole.

Silent Prayer

I have failed.
I have gloated.
I have hated.
I have ignored.
I have raged.
I have hoarded.
I have judged.
I have turned away.
I am sorry.
I am exhausted.
I am done.

Fix me, heal me, break-and-remake-me, hold me, comfort me, nurture me, revive me, resuscitate me, bring me back from death.

I give you the last word, O God. Will it be ‘grace’? Will it be ‘free’? Will it be ‘love’?

Words of Assurance
My friends, God is not done with us, not by a long shot. You are more beloved than you can ever know, and God is working in you and in the world beyond our wildest imagining. The beginning of all that is forgiveness. So know that you are indeed forgiven, and be at peace. Amen.