For Dragonflies
For Dragonflies

For dragonflies, butterflies,
Caterpillars on leaves,
Lizards, wild turkeys, and tigers and deer,
We give thanks!

For sunset and seashells
And starfish and sand,
Octopus, jellyfish, and hammerhead shark,
We give thanks!

For horses and kitties,
Small bunnies and dogs,
For babies and dogs,
And knowing we’re loved,
We give thanks!

—Gail Forsyth-Vail and the children of the North Parish of North Andover, Massachusetts

About the Author

  • Gail Forsyth-Vail is a Credentialed Religious Educator, Master Level, who served congregations for twenty-two years before joining the UUA staff in 2008. She is the author of a number of faith development curricula and resources. She was the 2007 recipient of the Angus MacLean Award for Excellence...

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