Opening Words for a Quinceañera

A row of young women, visible only from their shoulders to their ankles, in long colorful gowns.

Welcome to this sacred celebration of emerging adulthood. We are gathered today to rejoice and bear witness as (name) and her parents and friends mark her transition from childhood to the estate of a young woman. The quinceañera tradition has its roots in the ancient cultures of Central and South America, and in Mexican Catholicism. It is a solemn as well as joyful custom, that honors the moment when a girl begins to take responsibility for her own values, commitments, and place in the world. As Unitarian Universalists, we do not ask (name) to make promises to god here today; rather, we support the promises that she makes to herself, to all of us, and to her own future. She comes before this community of love and faith in order to affirm her own growth, and to receive our blessing at this turning point in her life. Let us welcome her with honor and rejoicing.