Invitation to Christmas

[for 2-3 voices, alternating]

On this eve of mystery and magic,
let us enter into the Christmas story
as if we were there on the holy night.

What part will we play this year?

Are you the mother, trusting your body to know what to do
when the time of birth comes?

Are you the father, protecting your vulnerable family
from unknown threats on a strange journey?

Are you the innkeeper who has no room, or will you take us in?

Perhaps you are the animals, who hear the child's first cry.

But who will sing the songs of rejoicing for the precious babe?

Who will rise up and follow the bright star of hope,
even if it means a few lost sheep?

What wise ones will give away their wealth
and remember what to adore?

And when the holy family must travel once again,
who in this harsh land will shelter them?

On this Silent Night, let us search our hearts
for our place in the Christmas story that never ends.

Let us choose again our role in the incarnation of love.

On a church chancel, children dressed as sheep and cows kneel during a Christmas pageant
a medieval window from the Burrell Collection in Glasgow, Scotland, depicting the Nativity