Come in from the Wind

On this day, as with so many Sundays,we come in from the whirling world—
the wind, the bright sun, the push-and-pull of tides and time
from the tumult of global news and local stories
the pain we hear of, the demands on our spirits,
the “Do This Now!” culture that we live in.

We come in to this sanctuary from that windstorm—
the rush of speeding drivers on the roadways
the rustling silence that fills some of our homes
the vastness of a once-busy and perhaps now quieter house—

All of this can leave us feeling stirred and unsettled.
When we give our attention to what’s going on around and beyond us
in this throbbing world, we can feel windblown.
We need places where we can come and find our grounding once again.
Come in, come in from the wind.
Come in from the whirl.

May this be a place where we can experience genuine stillness,
even just for a few moments.
May this be a place that we can count on
as we turn onto the driveway (make specific to your place, such as: along the column of trees)
or as we turn on our computers and come seeking
our congregational “home” page.

May we feel pulled into a restorative time of energetic peace.
May this be a place of learning, of nourishment,
a community that generates new zest in us
for the dynamic beauty of This World.

Come, let us worship together.