Against a vibrant, deep red wall, a Black parent cradles and smiles down at a happy toddler.

From our very first breath, we reach out
Co-regulation, not self-regulation, is in our nature.
We find our cues from the sun and the moon,
From each parent and caregiver,
We find our place in this great turning planet,
By turning to one another,
Generation to generation,
We awaken to the dawn, and fall asleep at the evening’s end.
Our life's journey is part of something greater,
Something simple,
Something divine.
A flame cannot be lit without a spark,
A life cannot begin without the air,
And we cannot begin to find ourselves without love.
May we reach out to one another,
May we offer love and nurturing care,
May we join together in celebration of the interdependence of our lives.
In this spirit, let us worship together.