Unity Devotion

Sun cuts through trees, casting shadows of the trunks on a woodland floor, with a lake in the distance.

In the unity of the spirit, in the sanctity of this gathering, let us quiet ourselves as we settle into a meditative moment, a time when we can each listen to that still, small voice within.

All our souls speak to us, if we trust ourselves to hear them. What do they tell us this day, in this very season?

Whether our innermost yearnings find voice in a sincere intention, a prayer, a scripture, a profound lament, or sudden insight, we honor those.

We stay present to the wisdom that arises within. We welcome whatever arrives, be it bidden or unbidden.

We find rest in our calm center, that secure core of our being, which houses our surest sense of the holy. We allow ourselves to know consolation.

We grow mindful, ever mindful – not only of ourselves, but also of those dear to us, those here in our midst, those absent today, those held close in memory, those in distant places.

Feeling ourselves enfolded in loving kindness that is everywhere abiding, together we enter now into sacred silence:


Emerging from the silence, we see that we are together still. We notice the gratitude we feel in our hearts today. We do not fail to rejoice.

We are blessed by this present company and this special time we have set aside for our devotion.

We give thanks, O God of many names and beyond all our naming —Source of Our Being, Sustainer of Our Becoming, Undying Light, Infinite Peace, Eternal Good — for this moment of respite, and for every tender mercy we have known in our lives and through the ages.

In this we all speak now, saying, “Amen.” Amen!