Sensory Reflection

A collage of senses: eye, lips, ear, hand.

We invite each of you to take a deep breath into the present moment, and, realizing that not everyone will have the functions to enter into all of these movements, but grateful for the skills that we do have, we invite you, as you are willing and able, to participate in this interactive meditation.
Spirit of love, God of many names, we enter into this time of centering and sensory reflection. Let us shake out our arms and hands and rest them by our sides. Let us shake out our legs and feet and plant them on the floor. Let us stretch our heads high. Let us take a deep breath of thankfulness.
Let us touch our eyes, happy to have the beauty of colors, line and shapes. Let us imagine the beauty of the world, the flowers, the trees, the babies, the puppies, all of the things in which we delight.

Let us touch our ears. Through them we hear glorious sounds, happy ones and sad ones, beautiful songs and lonely cries. Let us listen well so that we may live fully.

Let us touch our lips, for through these lips we receive the food and drink that nourishes us and helps us grow and we speak the words that express our thoughts and feelings.

Let us touch our hearts for it is our hearts that we know and share love.

Let us feel the world around us; In our imagination, let us experience the wind that cools us, the sun that warms us, and the rain that nourishes the earth and cleanses us all.

The beauty of life is all around us. Let us softly say, each in our own way, thank you. Thank you god, thank you nature, thank you world—and may we smile in delight.