Our Roots of Resilience

Majestic Tree with strong roots

Feel the gravity of the earth holding you in place.
Wiggle your toes as if they were roots.
Roots connect you to the earth lending you strength.
Gently sway in the wind, turning your body like a trunk of a tree,
Leaning this way and that, bending as the air pushes and pulls.
What surrounds you, may sway you,
Make you bend and feel unbalanced
Wiggle your toes.
Know that your roots can hold you as you grow and learn.
A tree is nourished by the soil and water.
You are nourished by food the earth grows and the water it provides.
You are cared for and loved by many people.
Breathe deeply (repeat or pause)
Still yourself (wait till everyone is still)
Know that your roots are strong.
Wiggle your roots.