O divine source of love

O divine source of love, we thank you for the countless ways you make yourself known to us.

O deep lap, we feel supported by your firm strength under us. Yielding yet solid, you are utterly reliable; you will never let us down.

O all-embracing arms, you hold us warmly against your comforting self. In the rhythmic cycles of your body we feel the steady heartbeat of everlasting life.

O sweet breath, you lift our hair and caress our skin. Yours is the breath of kindness; you dry our tears, you whisper solace in the night.

O beautiful, familiar face, your loveliness is constant though your expression changes with climate, age and season. Were we to sleep for a thousand years and awake in an unknown place, still we would know that we are at home in you.

Praise and thanks to you, divine source of comfort, of pleasure, of knowledge and of peace. May we always remember, with every breath and gesture, that we are loved, we are loved, we are loved. Amen.