Fall Equinox Meditation

Balanced in the center
between the longest and shortest days.

A gold leaf is held, suspended, by the delicate green needles on an evergreen tree.

The wheel of the year turns, and turns again.
The air cools, days shorten,
the sun seems to weaken,
barely clearing the horizon after rising
before beginning its descent.

This is our opportunity, now, to pause.
Balanced, breathing in, breathing out,
knowing this present moment.
This present moment is all we’re guaranteed.
Like the sun moving toward the shortest day,
each moment arises—and is gone before we know it.

This is the time to pause, and consider.
As we enter the season of contemplation,
of increasing darkness,
of lying fallow,
of dormancy.
This is the season of letting go,
of lightening burdens,
of preparing for a long period
of being still, going deep.

Pause and consider.
Binaries: dark and light, hot and cold,
chaos and order—neither extreme is inherently good
or bad, it’s all a matter of balance,
of honoring the spectrum for which
binaries mark the endpoints.

Today we mark the midpoint
between Summer and Winter Solstice,
a time to seek balance
and be free.

Blessed Be. Amen.