Awed By The Stone Rolled Back

Loving God,

We gather today in humility,
Awed by the stone rolled back;
And the surprise of the empty tomb.

We gather in defiance
Of the pain and the injustice that came before;
And of the pain and injustice that will likely come again.

We gather in hope
That life can begin anew;
That our differences can be bridged
That the beloved community can arise at last.

We gather in faith,
That the light shines in the darkness,
And the darkness does not overcome it.

We gather in wonder
Of the beauty we can see;
And of the mystery of all we can never know.

Here amid the lilies,
Amid the warm glow of friends and families come home:

We pray for faith and strength
To stand for what is good;
To do what we must
To live lives of integrity and peace.

We pray in gratitude and joy
For this community;
For the beauty of this day;
For the hope and love promised
In this ancient story,
In the stone rolled away.