Chalice Lighting for a Memorial Service

A rose resting on a wooden casket, more flowers visible in the background

We light this flame

As our fervent plea to brighten the dark corners of our hearts;

We hold this flame

For in it is the promise of warmth for souls grown cold in loss and despair;

We kindle this light

That we might continue to find comfort in its warmth; strength in its light; holiness in its presence;

We follow this light

That it might illuminate our search for purpose, for meaning, and forgiveness;

We light this chalice

Knowing even as this sacred spark of life is extinguished, in the ensuing darkness, its light, her* light, will still burn bright with all the memory and hope of its all too brief flash across our lives.

We light this flame of life, of love and truth for the divine promise of healing hearts. 

*or, his light/their light/zher light, as applicable