Retirement Recognition

Teapot and cup of tea next to muffins

Today we are recognizing those in the congregation who have recently retired or are about to retire.

The transition from an active work life to retirement is an important life transition. We come to this transition in a variety of ways: sometimes it comes sooner than we expect, some times, later. We are each more and less prepared.

Retirement presents us with new possibilities, new ways of being in the world. It brings its own challenges, its own invitation to spiritual growth. It is a marker on our journey through the cycle of life.

This year we are recognizing (names of people). If there are others who have retired this past year, or are about to retire, we invite you to come forward as well.

To the New Retirees:

The journey into this stage of life is one that each takes in their own way. We honor you for the contributions that you have made in your life’s work, and we wish you well as you enter this new time of life, with the challenges and possibilities that it may bring.

We have for you a small gift: a tea bag, a piece of chocolate and a small packet of seeds.

We hope that you will sit back, relax with the tea, and indulge in the chocolate. These are reminders to enjoy this new way of being at this time of your life.

The seeds are unidentified; they are the seeds of possibility and surprise. For each stage in our life offers us unexpected possibilities. If you’d like, plant these seeds in a sunny location. Some will likely take hold, germinate and grow…and you will be able to harvest when the time comes. Other seeds will disappear. May you be surprised, and pleased, by what develops from the seeds of possibility and change.

And we have one more gift for you...
to the congregation:

I would like to invite all of you who have already retired to please rise or wave your hand.

to the congregation::

These are your new colleagues...companions on your journey. I have no doubt that they have wisdom to share about this part of life’s journey. I hope that you will share your wisdom with one another.

Blessings be upon you as you enter this new time on your journey through life.