Wonder and Curiosity, Safety and Fun

Preparation: Let people know ahead of time to bring backpacks, laptop bags, and notebooks, and make sure they know it is for students of all ages and teachers as well. (Notebooks are a way to include children who are homeschooled, since a notebook is something that can be “filled.")

"We’d like to invite our kids, youth, students of all ages, and any schoolteachers in the congregation to join us up here for a very special time for all ages. If you brought a backpack, computer bag, or a notebook with you to be blessed, please bring them up with you."

(show them where to put their bags and notebooks)

A full range of dolls from the Toy Story movie series is arranged on a porch, backs to the viewer, watching a small child wearing a backpack leave the house

"It’s that time of year where a lot of people are headed back to school, which can be filled with a lot of excitement, but it can carry nerves with it too: a lot of mixed feelings. So the church wants to show our support to all of you students, teachers, and all of you future students too, by blessing your backpacks and notebooks. We've even brought a very special backpack right here to symbolize the blessings for everyone’s backpacks and notebooks who got left at home today, and for the people watching from home (wave at camera).

Let’s start by understanding what we mean by “blessing.” Can anyone tell me what a blessing is?"

(take an answer or two, repeating back into the microphone)

"I think a blessing is when we use our minds and hearts to express our desire for good things for a person or an object or even something huge like the Earth, and to express our care for the people that we bless." (or use your own definition)

"By giving your church home here a chance to bless your school supplies, you're carrying their good intentions with you when you go to school or do your schoolwork at home.

We’re going to fill these backpacks and notebooks with blessings by naming the blessings, rolling them up in a ball, and then tossing them into your bags and notebooks. I’m going to start.

We want all of you to have FUN while you’re learning: to have those Wow moments of discovery where you learn something new. So let’s take our intention for fun, roll it up in a ball, and then toss it into these bags!"

(Hold your hands about eight inches apart and imagine that you are rolling "FUN" or whatever your intention is into a ball, inviting the congregation to join you. After about 10-15 seconds of that, toss your imaginary ball into the backpacks like shooting a basketball. Then other Students and Teachers what they need at school, and roll those things up into a ball and toss them into the bags too.)

When you're done, say: 

"That’s a lot of blessings! When you use your backpack or computer bag, or open up your notebook, I want you to remember that your church community has your back this year and every year. We bless you with wonder and curiosity, safety and fun."