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  • By Jane E Mauldin
    From WorshipWeb
    Torn and confused, lonely and enraged, I greet the new day with suspicion. Spirit of Life, show me the gate to healing. May I find in my...
  • By Jan Carlsson-Bull
    From WorshipWeb
    Love is knotted and gnarled, like an old tree fighting with the wind, like branches too brittle for their own good, like roots that...
  • By Barbara Merritt
    From WorshipWeb
    When my youngest child was a baby, the sweetest part of my day was putting David to sleep. At fifteen months he had a demanding schedule...
  • By Dawn Fortune
    From WorshipWeb
    My theology understands humanity as simultaneously fragile and resilient, weak and strong, greedy and generous, mean and compassionate. I...
  • By Audette Fulbright Fulson
    From WorshipWeb
    Did you rise this morning, broken and hung over with weariness and pain and rage tattered from waving too long in a brutal wind? Get up,...
  • By Rabbi Marc Gellman
    From Tapestry of Faith
    From Does God Have a Big Toe? Stories About Stories in the Bible (HarperTrophy, 1993). Used with permission. Jacob cried a lot. Jacob cried...