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  • By Lois Van Leer
    From WorshipWeb
    today is a story day of a man who was loved dying washed with herbs wrapped in scented cloths laid to rest in a cave tomb a rock marking...
  • A perfect introduction to our open, inclusive, and creedless community—this pamphlet is a must-have for your pamphlet rack. Pack of 25...
  • A thoughtful resource that addresses Unitarian Universalist beliefs about death and offers support to those looking for a faith community...
  • By Liz James
    From UU World

    Putting holes in things that used to be solid is hard. Some days, there is broken glass everywhere. And not all of us are skilled with the metaphorical power tools.

  • By Joy Berry
    Six Unitarian Universalists share about their connections with Jesus, demonstrating the variety of views from across the faith. Pack of 25...
  • From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop
    Unitarian Universalists reflect on prayer, its manifold meanings and practices, and their personal relationships to this sacred way of...
  • By Takiyah Nur Amin, Robin Bartlett, Ranwa Hammamy, Paul Rasor, Marilyn Sewell, Pamela Wat
    From UU World

    Six leaders reflect on activism and religious identity in a racially and politically charged era.

  • By Daniel Chesney Kanter
    From UU World

    More than an adherence to a belief system, faith is an orientation to life.

  • From inSpirit: The UU Book and Gift Shop
    A warm welcome from Unitarian Universalist congregations to elders and caregivers.
  • By Meg Riley
    From Skinner House Books
    A dynamic collection of personal stories from people whose lives have been dramatically changed by Unitarian Universalism.