The Power of Partnership: Activated!

By Southern Region of the UUA

One year ago, we debuted a new way to connect with regional staff, the Partnership Activation Request. Since then, religious professionals and congregational leaders from throughout the Region have been using the request form to access support quickly and easily.

The Report from the Commission on Institutional Change has asked Congregational Life Staff for standardization across our regions; using this request form is one simple way you can help us move toward fulfilling that goal. This new step in standardization has allowed congregations access to information and consultation, while developing important data on current congregational needs. By using this process, you are aiding the Southern Region in becoming more helpful to you and your congregations.

Thank you to all who have accessed the Partnership Activation Request form this past year. We invite all leaders to utilize it the next time you’d like to activate a partnership:

How it works:

  1. Fill Out the Partnership Activation Request Form. This short questionnaire will help us better understand your needs and share some of our current offerings
  2. Receive Instant Email confirmation
  3. Personal outreach from your assigned SR partner

It is our goal to hold our relationships with congregations faithfully, to the end that we can coach, companion, connect, and challenge with efficiency, care, and professionalism. Thank you for being in partnership with us.