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This list includes every page or product from, UU World magazine, or inSpirit books & gifts that is tagged with Agnosticism.

  • A Fire in the Universe

    Shawn Trapp

    From WorshipWeb
    Our chalice reminds us of that the fire within ourselves is the same fire that illuminates the Universe. It is our reminder that all is connected even...
  • Yes, There's No Binary

    David Breeden

    From WorshipWeb
    The road not taken is not a fork. That’s too simple a thought, flipping some coin. Either/or. Nope. It’s not this or that. No or yes. It’s nor/...
  • Every Day I Thank....

    Tim Atkins, Jessica Ferguson

    From WorshipWeb
  • Easter Again

    Lindasusan Ulrich

    From WorshipWeb
    We live inside paradox. Humans generally don’t like to admit it—we much prefer tidy, stable, comprehensible, logical ways of getting through the...
  • Who We Can Turn To

    Aisha Ansano

    From Braver/Wiser
    What happened in Charlottesville is nothing new. We know how to fight it, and it is done in community—wherever we can find it. Spirit that runs through...
  • For Change

    David Breeden

    From WorshipWeb
    For the setting sun from an airplane window; for the rising sun from a train window after riding all night; for the rising sun and setting sun in...
  • Embracing the Double-Edged Universe

    Kyle Johnson

    From WorshipWeb
    Mystery of the Universe – You who some think of not as a being among other beings, But as the very Ground of Being Itself – Thank you for this day, For...
  • What I Know

    Kenneth W. Collier

    From WorshipWeb
    I do not know where we go when we die; And I do not know what the soul is Or what death is or when or why....
  • Who Are We to Bet Against Glory?

    Julia Hamilton

    From WorshipWeb
    Spirit of Hope, settle into our bones on this Easter morning....
  • The Struggle Continues

    Israel Buffardi

    From WorshipWeb
    The road that lies ahead of us is a long one, and the pace of progress will sometimes feel glacially slow....