Sexually Healthy Religious Professionals: Sexual Health Assessment Checklist

To complete this form before printing it:

Courses Yes No Plans for Improvement
Have you taken a graduate level course on human sexuality?      
Have you taken a course on avoiding professional sexual misconduct?      
Have you taken a course on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace or congregation?      
Workshops Yes No Plans for Improvement
Have you participated in a workshop on being a sexually healthy religious professional at: Center Days?      
Local UUMA Chapter Event?      
Local LREDA Chapter Event?      
District events?      
General Assembly?      
Personal Attributes Yes No N/A Plans for Improvement
Have you worked with a trained counselor on issues related to your own personal sexual history, particularly if you have a history of sexual abuse, incest, or other cases where your sexuality was exploited?        
Have you undertaken theological reflection on the integration of sexuality and spirituality?        
Are you familiar with the UUMA or LREDA code of conduct on sexual behaviors for UU religious professionals?        
Do you know the warning signs for sexual attraction to a congregant?        
Do you have a relationship with a spiritual director, therapist, or more senior ministerial colleague for assistance in dealing with sexuality issues and attractions that may arise?        
Do you have overall understanding of what the Hebrew Bible, Christian Scripture, Koran and other sacred texts say about sexuality issues?        
  Yes No Plans for Improvement
Do you know the UUA's current policies on: Abortion?      
  Adolescent Sexuality?      
  Safe Congregations?      
  Have you read the Our Whole Lives Curricula?      
  Have you attended an Our Whole Lives training course?      
  Have you endorsed the Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice, and Healing?      

Sexually Healthy Religious Professionals: Assessing Sexual Health