Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Heeding the Call: A Program on Justicemaking for Junior High School Youth

Leader Resource 2: Bias Cards


Herd of Sheep Bias — When we do not think critically about our choices and our beliefs. We choose and believe based on the choices and beliefs of others around us.


It's Them, Not Me — When we make choices based on a bias that we do not even know we have.


Cherry Picking Bias — When we make choices based on actions or information that confirm our beliefs while ignoring or discarding actions or information that disprove our beliefs.


Set in Stone Bias — When we make choices that are based too heavily on one instance or trait or action from the past.


Bad Orchard Bias — When we see those who are similar to us as individuals who can make poor choices. We see them as one apple in an otherwise good orchard. Yet when someone who is different than us (different race, religion, etc.) makes a poor choice, we allow that to be a reflection against their entire race, religion, etc. We see the entire orchard as tainted.


Me Me Me Bias — When we make choices based on giving ourselves more credit for a group effort than someone who is neutral would give us.

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