Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Heeding the Call: A Program on Justicemaking for Junior High School Youth

Spiritual Preparation

Think back to a time when you decided to take a stand about something that matters to you deeply. Were you afraid? If so, how did you work with your fear? Did you acknowledge it, suppress it, express it? How do you think this informed your choice to act?

Courage means different things within different contexts. Spend some time exploring this idea in your life and in the world around you. Ask yourself what you define as courageous. It may be helpful to write or draw as you reflect on this topic. How do you think hope figures into courage?

Now turn your attention to youth. Youth encounter many fears as they explore their autonomy. How do you think teaching youth about courage will help them develop as leaders? Healthy amounts of fear are important to human beings. How do you think the Unitarian Universalist faith supports the intersection of courage and fear, faith and action?