Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Building Bridges: A World Religions Program for 8th-9th Grades

Handout 1: Do You Believe...

Which of the following do you believe in (or think are likely)? Circle with a red pen.

Existence of one God

Most people feeling need for religion

Existence of many goddesses/gods

People needing faith in something

Physical existence of Jesus

Healing by laying on of hands

Divinity of Jesus

Existence of sin

Virgin birth

Gods/goddesses taking human form

Holy Trinity

Spiritual energy accumulation—karma

Religion helping people do the right thing

Everything in the Bible is true

Divine inspiration

There is wisdom in the Bible


Bible as a historical document


Everything in the Koran is true


There is wisdom in the Koran

Prayers being answered

Koran as a historical document

Prayers being beneficial

Inherent wisdom of children

Faith helping people live better lives

Inherent wisdom of elders

Ritual is comforting

Humans are just another kind of animal

Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on stone tables

Humans are special animals, blessed beyond other creatures

Muhammad spoke with an angel

Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem

Muhammad was divinely inspired

Jews are God's Chosen People

A great flood nearly destroyed the earth

The Pope is infallible (cannot be wrong about Church teachings)

Communion materials become actual body and blood of Christ

Taking communion makes people feel closer to the divine

Existence of evil

Marriages are blessed by God

Existence of Satan

Relationships are sacred

Everything happens for a reason, planned by a higher power

Some divine power made things, but doesn't control what is going on

Ultimately things happen for the best

Earth was created in six literal days

Life is random; that's how it goes