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Leader Resource 2: Answers to Judaism-Christianity-Islam Game

This chart shows the beliefs held by mainstream adherents of each of the Abrahamic religions. There are many variations in beliefs, in each of these faiths.





Type of theism


monotheism; some Trinitarian


Other spiritual beings

angels, demons, the Devil

angels, demons, the Devil

angels, demons, the Devil

Status of Jesus

false prophet

Son of God, savior of humankind

real but not final prophet of God

Jesus' birth

normal birth

virgin birth

virgin birth

Did Jesus die at crucifixion?



no; he ascended to heaven


Jesus was not and will not be resurrected

Jesus was resurrected

Jesus will be resurrected

Who initiated the first sin?

Eve ate the apple and gave it to Adam

Eve ate the apple and gave it to Adam

Both Adam and Eve picked apple

Second Coming

some believe a messiah will come; Jesus was not the Messiah

Jesus will return as Messiah

Jesus will return as Messiah

Human nature

two equal impulses, one good, one bad

sinful by nature

equal ability to do good or evil

Day of worship

Saturday, Sabbath

Sunday, Sabbath

Friday, not a Sabbath

View of sacred text

interpretation is possible to determine God's will

to some, the word of God, infallible; to some, inspired by God, fallible

literal word of God, infallible

View of other Abrahamic faiths

others are false interpretations and extensions of Judaism

Judaism true but incomplete religion; Islam false religion

others are respected, but thought to have wrong and partial revelation