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Faith In Action: Green Sanctuary

Preparation for Activity

  • Find out about the UUA Green Sanctuary program and/or by reading the UUA Green Sanctuary blog.
  • Talk with your minister, social action committee, building and ground committee, or other appropriate group to find out how your congregation can participate in the Green Sanctuary program if it is not already doing so. If your congregation is involved, find out how to support that effort as a group.

Description of Activity

If your congregation is a part of the Green Sanctuary program or is otherwise involved in earth stewardship projects, find out how you can participate. If your congregation is not involved in earth stewardship efforts, organize a project that will engage people of all ages in caring for the earth (e.g. a recycling project, a litter clean-up project, signs to remind people to turn off unused lights, and so on). Bring Green Sanctuary information to the attention of your congregation's leadership if they are not aware of such resources.