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Learn about current UUA initiatives for economic justice. Additional resources for the topics in this workshop include the following:

Enough is a web-based, ongoing conversation about how commitment to wealth redistribution can play out in our lives.

Read a Harvard Gazette article from 2016, "The costs of inequality." The author states, "Health disparities form along several societal fault lines, but analysts say the deepest and most persistent divide surrounds income."

Exploring the Psychology of Wealth, 'Pernicious' Effects of Economic Inequality,” PBS Newshour, June 2013.

Behind the Kitchen Door, by Sarumathi Jayaraman, Eric Schlosser (Foreward), was the UUA Common Read with a discussion guide (PDF) for UU groups and congregations. Invites people to consider the low wages and poor working conditions of those who prepare and serve the meals, many of whom support not only themselves but also children and dependent elders.

Economist, author and professor Robert Reich's engaging documentary film, "Inequality for All," is available from public libraries.