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Delegates at the 2014 General Assembly in Providence, RI, selected "Escalating Inequality" to be the 2014-2018 Congregational Study/Action Issue (CSAI) of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) of Congregations. Find out more about the issue and download the extensive study guide for resources and suggestions. Additional resources for the topics in this workshop include the following:

Linda McQuaig and Neil Brooks, Billionaires' Ball: Gluttony and Hubris in an Age of Epic Inequality (Beacon Press, 2012).

Enough is a web-based, ongoing conversation about how commitment to wealth redistribution can play out in our lives.

Exploring the Psychology of Wealth, 'Pernicious' Effects of Economic Inequality,” PBS Newshour, June 2013.

Saru Jayaraman, Behind the Kitchen Door, (Cornell University Press, 2013), the 2013-14 UUA Common Read with a discussion guide for UU groups and congregations. Invites people to consider the low wages and poor working conditions of those who prepare and serve the meals, many of whom support not only themselves but also children and dependent elders.

Inequality for All, the website for the Robert Reich film. The site offers discussion materials and other resources, including graphics you can post when you show the film.

Billionaires' Ball:
Gluttony and Hubris in an Age of Epic Inequality

Linda McQuaig, Neil Brooks
From Beacon Press
Through vivid profiles of billionaires, Stephen Schwarzman debunks the notion that they "deserve" their grand fortunes, when such wealth is really a by-product of a legal and economic system that's become deeply flawed.

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