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Activity 3: Moving from Credo to Action

Activity 3: Moving from Credo to Action
Activity 3: Moving from Credo to Action

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers, and tape
  • Sticky dots

Preparation for Activity

  • Label two or three sheets of newsprint "From Credo to Action" and post.

Description of Activity

Ask participants:

How could you best put the beliefs and commitments you included in your credo into action?

Call attention to the posted newsprint and invite participants to brainstorm concrete suggestions. Record the gist of their ideas on the posted newsprint. Ask:

What practices can bring our relationship with money more in line with our values and be more supportive of our spiritual and physical well-being?

Ask them to include in the brainstorm the actions that they personally plan to take.

After a time of brainstorming, invite participants to review the list. Lead a discussion, asking:

  • Which of these can be done every day with little change to your life?
  • Which would require some radical shift?
  • Which must be done alone and which require the cooperation of others?
  • Which of these will be hardest to try? To sustain? Why?
  • Do any of the suggested actions surprise you?

Conclude the discussion, and then invite participants to place sticky dots on the newsprint to indicate one, two, or three actions to which they are willing to make a commitment. Ask them to consider enlisting a friend or family member to help them hold themselves accountable to that commitment.

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