Activity 1: Taking Stock of the Journey

Activity 1: Taking Stock of the Journey
Activity 1: Taking Stock of the Journey

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Review Leader Resource 1. Make any adaptations you find necessary. Practice reading the reflection and meditation aloud.

Description of Activity


In the Wi$dom Path program we have paid close attention to the ways we have used and been affected by money. We have drawn clearer connections between our financial choices and our values. Many of us have resolved to change our financial behavior to better align with our religious and spiritual intentions. In the words of one field test participant, we have written chapter 2 of the money story we shared in Workshop 1. The spiritual task before us is to set our intentions for the coming chapters of our money story.

Invite participants to join you in turning inward for a guided reflection and meditation. Ask them to take a moment to center themselves physically, connecting themselves in a comfortable way to the chair or floor beneath them, and to close their eyes if that is comfortable. Invite them to focus on their breathing and simply to be present.

When everyone appears calm, centered, and ready, sound the chime and lead the guided meditation (Leader Resource 1).

Sound the chime to recall the group’s attention. Ask participants to hold their thoughts, images, and feelings as you move to the next activity.

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