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Handout 3: Remembering the Iowa Sisterhood

The words "Great Over-Soul and Inter-Heart" were written by Mary Safford (1895) and edited by Eugene B. Navias to be sung to the tune Duke Street L.M., Hymn 35 in Singing the Living Tradition.

Ministers of the Iowa Sisterhood

Mary Augusta Safford

Eleanor Gordon

Florence Buck

Mary Collson

Caroline Julia Bartlett Crane

Adele Fuchs

Marie Jenney Howe

Ida Hultin

Mary Leggett

Rowena Morse Mann

Mila Tupper Maynard

Amelia Murdock Wing

Marion Murdock

Anna Jane Norris

Margaret Titus Olmstead

Elizabeth Padgham

Gertrude Von Petzhold

Helen Grace Putnam

Eliza Tupper Wilkes

Helen Wilson

Celia Parker Woolley

Hymn: Great Over-Soul and Inter-Heart

Great Over-Soul and Inter-Heart,

Of whom we feel ourselves a part,

To whom all souls forever tend,

Our Father, Mother, nearest Friend.

This church with love to thee we bring,

And while our spirits inly* sing,

We pray that it may ever be

A Home for all who seek for thee.

The home of faith in all things true,

A faith that seeks the larger view,

The home of love that yearns to bless.

The home of truth and righteousness.

Long may it stand, the outward sign

Of that indwelling Life divine,

Which makes thy children truly free,

And draws them ever nearer thee.

*The word "inly" was in common usage in Mary Safford's day and means inwardly, intimately, thoroughly.