Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Faith Like a River: A Program on Unitarian Universalist History for Adults

Alternate Activity 1: Sleepless in Syracuse

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Read the story "Sleepless in Syracuse" and prepare to present it.
  • Read the story "From Why? to Why Not?" for background information.

Description of Activity

Briefly share the information from the story "From Why? to Why Not?" to provide background.

Read or tell the story "Sleepless in Syracuse."

Make this point: The one thing that almost brought a halt to the consolidation was the stated purpose of the new association: the story illustrates how important it is for religious bodies to know their purpose. Invite participants to discuss how the various purposes and objectives proposed for the new association defined the new movement differently. Use these questions as a guide:

  • What is the difference between saying "our" Jewish and Christian heritage and "the" Jewish and Christian heritage? Explain that we no longer use the term "Judeo-Christian" because it implies that Judaism is a modifer to Christianity, rather than a distinct faith tradition.
  • How does this debate resonate in contemporary Unitarian Universalism, as we seek to define our relationship to Christianity?