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Taking It Home: Generosity

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Extend your exploration of generosity by trying one or more of these activities on your own.

For Individuals: The Question of Money

Money is one of the most powerful and emotion-laden symbols in our culture. Gratitude, generosity, scarcity, abundance — all the issues discussed in this Principled Commitment workshop affect our relationship with money.

Spend some time this week writing about your feelings related to money and how it is used.

  • How did you see money discussed and used in your family of origin? Did it have a certain kind of emotional energy around it? Consider childhood experiences of deprivation or affluence, budgeting, and attitudes about spending and saving money. How did these experiences positively or negatively shape your views of money?
  • Today, do you feel your approach to money is governed more by a mindset of scarcity or a mindset of abundance? Remember that these mindsets are often more related to feelings than to financial figures.

For Couples: Sharing Thoughts about Money

After completing the exercise above, share some of your thoughts with your partner. Consider discussing areas in which you disagree on the subject.

For Couples with Children: Counting Our Blessings

In our very busy lives, we often forget to "count our blessings." At dinner or another family meal, go around the table and give each person an opportunity to name one thing she/he is thankful for.

Consider using this simple activity on a regular basis. It can also be used before bed or in individual journaling. The more we think about things we are thankful for, the more we can live with a spirit of abundance rather than scarcity.