Activity 3: Dismantling Privilege Role Play and Discussion

Activity time: 50 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Copy Handout 2 for all participants.
  • Review the scenarios and discussion questions in Handouts 3, 4, 5, and 6 and select the ones you will use. This activity works best if participants are able to watch and discuss two or three presentations. If you have more than three small groups (reflection groups formed in Workshop 3), plan to divide the group, and secure two or more different spaces for presentation and discussion.
  • Make enough copies of the scenarios you have selected so every member of a small group can have a copy of their group's scenario.

Description of Activity

Distribute Handout 2 and read it aloud. Invite participants to return to the reflection groups they formed in Workshop 3 to practice using the three-step process for dismantling privilege described on the handout, using role play.

Assign each reflection group a scenario, and give each group copies of the appropriate handout. Tell groups that they have 15 minutes to assign roles, run through the scenario, and use the provided questions to prepare to lead a discussion of the scenario and how the three-step process might be applied to this situation. Give groups time to do their work.

Ask each small group to present the scenario to the larger group and to lead a discussion using the questions on Handout 2.