Faith CoLab: Tapestry of Faith: Building the World We Dream About: An Anti-racism Multicultural Program

Leader Resource 2: Wild Cards

During the simulation, visit all the committees and groups and observe of what is happening. As committees and groups begin to achieve a sense of purpose or direction, it may be a good time to throw in a "wild card" to complicate their task.

You may only have time for a few wild cards. You might find it interesting to give a different card to different groups, or drop the same catastrophe in every group. Feel free to create your own wild cards if you imagine something that would add complexity and increase learning in the simulation.

Here are some interruptions you might insert into the simulation:

  • A well-liked Person of Color in the congregation does not feel comfortable raising the issue of social injustice. Doing so brings back painful memories. In tears, she asks that the congregation think of her feelings and pain.
  • A lesbian member of the congregation sends a letter that says the congregation is risking too much political capital by openly supporting equal marriage.
  • The building manager just informed you that the boiler/AC unit of the congregation must be replaced. It will cost $75,000 to replace the unit, which wipes out the funds allocated for the social justice director.
  • A group of members are upset that the congregation is not "spiritual enough." They believe the congregation is acting more like a political action organization than a place of worship. They refuse to pledge during the coming year, a threat that might cost the congregation $25,000.
  • The former receptionist has just filed a lawsuit against the congregation for racial discrimination. She has contacted the NAACP Legal Defense Fund to assist in her case.
  • The Finance Committee recommends that the position be full-time with part-time pay, for the first year.