The UUA opposes Trump administration’s new rules for contraceptive insurance coverage

The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) opposes the Trump administration’s new rules that would deny contraceptive insurance coverage for millions of people who aren’t cisgender men. Disguised as protecting “religious liberty,” the new rules are just another effort by the Trump administration – notoriously hostile to reproductive choice – to undermine the Affordable Care Act’s efforts to provide contraceptive coverage.

In 2015, the UUA’s governing body, General Assembly, affirmed its commitment to reproductive justice, which envisions the liberation of people of all genders, sexual orientations, abilities, gender identities, ages, classes, and cultural and racial identities.

“I am proud to work for an organization and a faith community that is unequivocal in its support for women's health, reproductive justice and coverage for contraception,” said UUA president, the Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray. “The UUA promotes healthy, inclusive and comprehensive sex education.”

Laws limiting access to health care disproportionately impact marginalized people. Our deeply held beliefs require us to advocate for an equitable world where people can receive the healthcare they need and make the choices that are best for them.

Employers shouldn’t impose their religious beliefs on their employees. True religious liberty would allow people to decide whether or not to use contraception and would have their insurance cover the costs of contraception should they choose to use it.

The UUA firmly believes that reproductive justice is a human rights issue. The initial drafts of these new rules issued a year ago are already being contested in a number of court cases, and we are hopeful for rulings that will restore the Affordable Care Acts protection of reproductive rights for all.

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