Holiday Message from UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray

Hold on to Hope: A Holiday Message from UUA President Susan Frederick-Gray

Holiday Message Transcript

How are you doing this holiday season?

How is your spirit?

It’s all right—you can be honest.

Are you feeling exhausted? Worn down or overwhelmed by the tragedies across our country and world? Frustrated by stories of corruption and greed on the daily news? Are you holding heartbreak, anger, even fear? It’s okay not to feel cheerful. This has been an especially difficult year for so many.

One of the things that gives me hope and strength when fear and despair move into my heart is all of you and this faith that we share. The practice of religious community calls me back to my humanity, to a practice of compassion, and to the power and importance of the values of love and justice, equity and interdependence.

It is in religious community that I find a place to bring my heartbreak, and to bring my fear– and in that collective sharing my strength and my spirit are renewed. I find hope in the witness that Unitarian Universalists and so many other leaders are providing, showing up for human worth and dignity, showing up in resistance to protect the precious resources of the earth, showing up in partnership for the long haul work of justice.

And I find courage in the knowledge that we are in this together. There is comfort in being part of a diverse religious community like Unitarian Universalism. For although our beliefs and rituals of this season vary, we are united by traditions rooted in collective resistance. This time of year, we can think about how those traditions call us to seek justice now and to do that work of justice together.

When you’re feeling down, remember that you’re not alone. You are part of a global community that cares about you and your well-being. You are held by a Love greater than any one of us.

So lean into this love and this hope. Lean in to the hope of who we are together.

Our hope will carry us as we seek justice in the new year.

Our hope will sustain us as we continue to seek accountability from our leaders, communities and ourselves.

Now is not a time for a casual faith, but for a deep and hopeful one.

Mindful that there are so many beautiful traditions of this season and in the turning of the year. May you find moments of joy and gratitude, moments of peace and beauty, and the courage and strength that comes from faith and community to carry you in to the new year.

Many blessings and much love to you, to your families and to your communities.