Samantha Wilson

Full name: Rev Dr. Samantha Wilson

HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team Coach

HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team in Congregational Life


Head shot of Rev. Dr. Samantha Wilson

Rev. Dr. Samantha Wilson

My name is Samantha/Sam. I am a life-long Unitarian Universalist who began learning conflict mediation in the tenth grade and fell in love with it. My high school Peer Mediation class was the beginning of a personal and professional journey to understand how we engage relationally when relationship feels hard. This journey has taken me to international youth organizing collectives, seminary, prisons, a divorce and a second marriage, a few therapists, community gardens, congregations in transition, restorative practice collectives, and doctoral research on the community psychology of radical anti-racist organizing and culture in Los Angeles. When I am not tending to conflict (mine, but hopefully someone else's), I enjoy coffee and the humor of my daughter, Joy, and husband, Andrew. My hope is to bring some humility, ease, care, and possibility to the hard places we find ourselves in together.