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Joanne Dufour is a Volunteer for the Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations completing a circle of connection with the office since 1968. She was introduced to it in her second year of teaching back then, maintained connections over the course of her career in education, and now in her retirement is back to serve again. Past connections in various ways with the United Nations and issues of disarmament through the church, United Nations Association, and Red Cross are coming together as she undertakes this Disarming Our Planet blog series.

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Recent news from companies like Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft has seen a segment of their work force protesting their companies’ connections with military policies in support of issues of major concern to those working for disarmament. ...

By Joanne Dufour | April 3, 2019 | From Disarmament

It seems time for some more good news. In opening up the homepage from the International Atomic Energy Agency website, the lead article read: “EU and IAEA Review Progress and Agree on Priorities in Nuclear Cooperation at Annual Meeting.” There it was: an actual story of agreement and...

By Joanne Dufour | March 20, 2019 | From Disarmament

If you are old enough to have lived through it or have studied it, do you remember the Marshall Plan? Officially known as the European Recovery Program, the Marshall Plan was a 1948 American initiative to aid post-WWII Western Europe to rebuild their economies through economic assistance from...

By Joanne Dufour | February 20, 2019 | From Disarmament

The following was graciously submitted by Georgina Long, the Interfaith Coordinator for the Brahma Kumaris UK, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at the World Parliament in Toronto, Canada in November. ...

By Joanne Dufour | January 7, 2019 | From Disarmament

The following blog is taken from a talk given by Guy Quinlan to the Harvard Club of New York City in September 2018 on the book by Daniel Ellsberg, The Doomsday Machine: Confessions of a Nuclear War Planner, and is reprinted with his kind permission. Please refer to this original document for...

By Joanne Dufour | December 26, 2018 | From Disarmament

This blog is dedicated to the humanitarian workers of the world for their efforts to directly implement human rights values in working to disarm our planet. One such organization is the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, whose Executive VP reflects here on Tzu Chi's work at a Tijuana migrant caravan shelter.

By Joanne Dufour | December 12, 2018 | From Disarmament

The First Committee of the United Nations is a forum for countries to hold a dialogue on all disarmament-related matters. Where some countries promote disarmament to strengthen security for their population, others oppose disarmament as a threat to the security of their population. Which is correct?

By Joanne Dufour | November 28, 2018 | From Disarmament

Armistice Day was renamed Veterans Day in 1954, changing the essence of the holiday to celebrating and honoring patriotism, the warriors, and the wars. What veterans really need is for society to reclaim the spirit of Armistice Day and unite in the common desire of the human spirit for peace.

By Joanne Dufour | November 14, 2018 | From Disarmament

Credit is seldom given to the daily work performed by international civil servants at the United Nations specialized agencies and programs. In the field of disarmament, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs and others work to bring the range of weaponry and destructive conflict to the fore so disarmament is possible.

By Joanne Dufour | October 31, 2018 | From Disarmament

Trump's memorable visit to the United Nations in September 2018 included a conversation at the Security Council about weapons of mass destruction. During that session, many countries highlighted the need for nuclear powers to comply with existing treaties.

By Joanne Dufour | October 17, 2018 | From Disarmament

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