Jess Hunt

HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team Coach

HOPE for Us Conflict Engagement Team in Congregational Life


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Jess Hunt

Jess Hunt (they, none) is a queer creator, researcher, thinker, puzzler, and parenter. As the head of their active, brilliant, goofy, autistic family, Jess ensures the survival of five humans through all the strife that is life in Central Florida (except of course when it gets too humid and the family flees to UU camps in cooler climes). Every time they lie in a hammock, they commune with the sacred.

Jess has earned a Masters in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Youth Services and Leadership and a Bachelor’s of Arts in Theatre with concentrations in art and religion. They are currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry concentrating on Community Change through Faith Formation. Their previous careers have included hospital based healthcare customer service and communication, reference librarian in academic, public, law, and school libraries, and a birth assistant and doula for a homebirth midwife.

As a liberative change agent, dedicated to holding space for the uncomfortable through empowering intentional, compassionate love that invites connection, inspires spiritual growth, leans into curiosity, and ignites action, they share a ministry of cooperative learning, inspiring others to be self liberated into a life of authenticity. Jess believes that one of the most important aspects of building community is reducing competition for individual greatness over others. We do fun things because they’re fun. Collective community fun can and should exist just because, without using hierarchy to justify its significance in our lives.